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Why Our Cameras Are Bigger than the "Other Guys"

  I think the comment I hear the most when I am shooting is, "Wow, now that's a camera!"   This is due to the fact that all of the equipment that we use is top of the line Real Television Broadcast equipment.   The comment is usually followed with something like,   "Don't they make those smaller now?   All of the other Videographers are shooting with small handheld cameras, why is yours so big?   That looks like something they make movies with!"

            Well, the truth of the matter is technology has come a long way over the years.   Digital video is an amazing advancement for videographers and this technology has improved video quality across the board on both lower end consumer/pro-sumer equipment and high end television production equipment.   When the handheld digital three chip cameras were released on the market the industry was buzzing.   Admittedly, I too bought one. Here is the problem I found with the smaller cameras and why I won't use them when I shoot typically.  

            The main thing that makes Professional Video look better than consumer video is the way the cameras process color.   There is a whole technical explanation for it, but to put it in to simple terms,   Pro-Cameras separate and process colors better than consumer cameras.   Pro-Cameras break down color in to three channels (red, green and blue) using CCDs also known as chips.   Very low end cameras use only one CCD, or chip, to process all three colors.   What made the industry buzz about the new handheld cameras was that they had three CCDs.   These cameras were not only small and light, but have Pro color processing.   I know I was excided which is why I bought one.  

            Here's the problem.   Yes, the cameras have three CCDs as advertised,   but the CCDs are VERY small.   I found that the colors that are produced by these handheld camcorders, while better than what you can get from "Best Buy",   is not even close to what my shoulder mount "Big" cameras produce.   When it comes to CCDs, SIZE DOES MATTER!    But color processing wasn't my only reason.   There was a much bigger reason which is absolutely necessary for a wedding videographer...low light capability!

            After extensive research I found that all of the small handheld camcorders have the same problem,   they all perform very poorly in low light.   The small color processing CCD's   make the situation even worse because in low light they show very little color (If you notice a video person using a lot of black and white and referring to it as "art", this is the real reason).  

            I love what I do and I take a lot of pride in it. It is important to me to give my clients the best product possible.   The small handheld cameras are very appealing on many levels; they are small and light,   they are very cheap, and they don't take much skill to use--I REFUSE TO REDUCE THE QUALITY OF MY CLIENTS MEMORIES OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THEIR LIVES TO MAKE IT EASIER ON MY WALLET, OR MY BACK!!!

            Think about it, the food is eaten, your flowers are wilted...when your wedding day is over what do you have left?   You have your photographs, and your video to remember one of the biggest moments of your life!

We care as much about your memories as you should.   Saving a few bucks may cost you your memories!